​News and References

​In this section, we regularly provide you with information about the latest news from Kochendörfer and on hydroelectric power, and we present selected reference plants. Would you like information on special references? Then please feel free to contact us at any time.
Groundbreaking ceremony power plant Gries
Groundbreaking ceremony power plant Gries
Positioning intake manifold cone
Loading of the intake manifold conical section M1
Manufacturing impeller chamber
Manufacturing impeller chamber
Positioning Kaplan impeller
Loading of the Kaplan impeller in the power plant, ø 3000 mm
Water-lubricated turbine guide bearing
New water-lubricated turbine guide bearing
Inauguration of the power plant
Ceremonial inauguration of the power plant by the Executive Board of SÜWAG
Impeller machining
Impeller milling
Impeller installed
Impeller installed
Power plant_from_above
Power plant Melikom, Turkey
Impeller calculation with CFD
CFD calculation of the new impellers
Impeller manufacturing with CNC
CNC processing impeller ø 2200mm
Cooling and governor units
Bearing cooling and turbine governor
3D installation planning
3D installation planning
Pelton impeller Gurtnellen
Pelton impeller Gurtnellen
Power plant Gurtnellen
Power Plant Gurtnellen
Francis spiral turbine Twengbach
Francis spiral turbine horizontal shaft
Guide vane mechanism
Guide device
Power plant in operation
Power plant in operation
Plant test
Turbine governor factory test set-up
Governor power plant
Hydraulic turbine governor in the power plant
Ceremonial inauguration of the power plants Mapragg & Sarelli
Factory approval guide vane mechanism
Factory acceptance guide device
Impeller assembly in the power plant
Loading the impeller in the power plant
Turbine mounted
Turbine and generator after completion
Delivery of the spiral for installation
Impeller and guide device during installation
Power plant in operation
Removal impeller
Complete disassembly of the machine set for factory refurbishment in Pleystein
Factory assembly guide vane mechanism
Pre-assembly and adjustment of the guide device in the factory
Reassembly after factory refurbishment

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