​Refurbishment of Francis Turbines

​Depending on the type, the refurbishment of Francis turbines extends over different production technologies. Whether a spiral turbine with rather small impellers or large, low-pressure turbines with very large dimensions - we are optimally equipped for all sizes up to an impeller diameter of five meters and possess the know-how for both repairs and partial component re-production.
CNC processing guide vane bearings
CNC processing guide vane bearing
CNC milling Francis impeller
CNC milling Francis impeller
3D-measurement turbine bearing
3D measurement turbine bearings
Impeller assembly
Loading of a refurbished impeller
Guide vane mechanism assembly
Installation measurement
Guide vane set refurbishment
Refurbished guide vane set
Transport turbine impeller
Delivery of new impellers
Positioning turbine shaft
Shaft mounting
Positioning turbine impeller
Impeller mounting

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